Spotlight Advisers and Instructors



 Paul Perazzo, Spotlight Project Adviser, and Board Member, Music Dir. Harvest Park Middle School,  Pleasanton.

 Zack Pitt-Smith, Adviser to the Board and Instructor, Edna Brewer Middle School- Oakland  

 Randy Porter, Instructor, Roosevelt Middle School – Oakland

 David Byrd , Instructor, Oakland High School – Oakland

 David Lazarde, Instructor, Bunche Middle - Compton

 Manny Castaneda, Jr, Instructor, Centennial High – Compton

Why Offer the Spotlight Project?

Because more than 5 million students in American public schools do not have access to music education. Music and the arts are vital to every child’s education. The Spotlight Project offers kids the education and the resources that validate the importance of music in their lives. We grant this opportunity to those students who otherwise would have no program for individual music training and the many benefits gained from the experience.

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